Friday, 25 September 2009

Ready for Scafell?

I'm pretty sure I haven't run enough in the last few weeks to consider myself ready for Scafell Pike fell race. It's because the days are so short. If I work over a bit, or if Mrs Noel fancies a run, there's no daylight left. I should probably get into this headtorch running nonsense, otherwise this blog will rapidly deteriorate (if that's possible). I did one tempo run this week, and one recovery run. That's a fair way short of the 30 miles I should be doing.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Lantern Pike and Stanage Struggle

Hayfield country show had birds of prey, kite flying, archery, and a decent fell race - Lantern Pike. It was Mrs Noel's turn to do this one, so I was largely being mithered about going on slides and bouncy castles.

Sometimes I wonder 'if I set off really quickly, how long could I keep up with the proper runners at the front?' It seems someone else had this idea today. This guy normally finishes about where I do in fell races, but today seems to have decided to have a quick sprint at the beginning - note the look of effort on his face. Sadly I couldn't watch the race to see how long he stayed first.
Mrs Noel was also first was a while, but finished third lady to secure a very nice jar of lemon curd. Full results are here:
I made do with a longish run (about 9 miles perhaps) when we got home. Doing slightly longer runs at weekends to make sure I have some stamina is part of my training I often neglect. This probably explains why I have no stamina and prefer short races. It might also amaze some people that I consider a 9 mile run to be a longer run. I have mates who do 4 hour sessions at the weekends.
On Sunday, my 'club' the Fat Boys, organised the Stanage Struggle. Again I wasn't running, as Fat Boys are encouraged to marshall. I pointed about 280 runners (a record turn-out) left along the track. My youngest briefly thought it funny to say 'go back the way you've come'. Luckily no-one believed him. The conditions were very dry, which made for a fast course and a new course record. Stuart Bond beat his old record for the new course, which was set last year. Full results: