Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Movember Moel

I have been growing a moustache for almost a month now as part of "Movember". This is to raise awareness of men's health. If you want to learn more, visit my Mo page:

It's been quite fun despite people's comments that I look like a:
  • Gay biker
  • Member of The Village People
  • Sex offender
  • Porn star
I think this highlights a very stereotyped view of moustaches (especially ones like mine).

I'm intrigued as to the effect of Movember on mainstream society. I think it could go one of two ways.

It could make moustaches associated only with yearly charity activities and hence discourage men from keeping them all year. Indeed year-round moustachioed gents must get annoyed with strangers saying "nice mo", or perhaps less flattering comments similar to the ribbing I've received.

Alternatively, it could make moustaches more socially acceptable and create a new fashion of moustaches like the hirsute heydays of the 70s and the late 1800s. I'm quite looking forward to trying a different style next year.