Sunday, 19 September 2010

A trip down memory lane

Up until this year I have belonged to the Fat Boys running club. This has meant I've not been allowed to run the Stanage Struggle (which the Fat Boys organise), as it's a club unwritten rule that club members help out with marshalling, registration, etc instead of running the race. This is a very good idea, as it makes the Stanage Struggle one of the best organised fell races in the Peak District.

Now that I'm a member of Pennine, I'm allowed to run it again. Mrs Noel is in the same boat (former Fat Boy, now Pennine) so we agreed that one of us would marsall, out of good will towards the Fat Boys, and one of us would run it.

Mrs Noel ran yesterday at Lantern Pike, and took 1 minute of last year's time to finish 3rd lady. I've just finished a slice of the lovely date and walnut loaf that she won. This all meant I got to run the Stanage Struggle today.

Last time I ran the Struggle, in 2003, I was just getting into fell running and felt good enough to end with a sprint finish. This ended in tears, however, as I then collapsed after the finishing line and was sick. I was hoping to pace myself a bit better today.

In the end I managed to overtake a few people on the long and fast descent to finish in 8th place (20 places better than 2003) and about 3 minutes faster. It's nice to know my seven years of fell running have helped. If I'm another 3 minutes faster than today in 2017, I'll buy you all a pint.