Tuesday, 7 May 2013


We had some things to do in the garden so I decided it couldn't be too hard to drive a digger myself.

Once it was delivered, it took about an hour to find the key and then to find how to get it started. I then printed a list of instructions from the internet about what not to do.

After that it was a fairly smooth learning curve. There were definitely moments where my brain hurt trying to do three things at once with two hand controls. It helps not to think about it, but sometimes you have to think "back towards me, and down and tilt".

Careful now!

The good thing about digging in this way is that you don't get tired. So on Sunday, I went for a nice slow long run before a day's digging.

On bank holiday Monday, I went to do a great local race called James' Thorn. I was second at this last year, and it was the start of a good string of results for me. So I was keen to see how I was doing versus last year. Unfortunately, a few talented runners turned up, so I was fourth. However, I was twenty seconds faster than last year, so am very pleased.