Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weather-adjusted improvement: Kinder Downfall

In most of the races I do, one of my main objectives is to perform better than I have previously at the same race. I knew this would be a tricky at Kinder Downfall as I've done it about 5 times already and was pretty happy with my time from the last time I ran it, in 2010.

As usual, everyone set off pretty fast - all trying to keep up with the person in front. This works fine unless you've got someone much faster than you at the front of the line. Evenually the line breaks and people find their own speed. By this time I could start to work my way up through the field of runners and was feeling strong by the top.

After slowing up on the start of the descent, I eventually found my rhythm and fell strong to the end. I'd finished in a time of 1:17:39. This is 39 seconds slower than 2010.

At this point, a focused and driven athlete would increase the intensity and specificity of their training. I prefer to bend the rules in these situations. It was very muddy today, which always makes for a slower time. This can affect times by a couple of minutes. Luckily, someone reminded me it had been quite dry for the previous few years' races.

So I'm claiming a weather-adjusted victory. Hurray for me.