Sunday, 14 February 2010

More chasing Dave

I made the mistake of going out for another training run with Dave. This is another small installment of my attempt to get back to running fitness (Wolf Spit is 4 weeks away). I thought this run would serve as a gauge to where I am.

I should explain something about the peculiarities of going for training runs with Dave. Most runners run more slowly uphill than they do on the flat, and run more quickly downhill. However, Dave seems to fly up hills, only to then run a sensible speed on the flat and run downhill at recovery pace (although he's getting better at this). Unfortunately, the run largely involved running up to Stanage Edge from Hathersage, so it was mainly uphill for the first two miles.
Once again, here's a picture of Dave leaving me behind. He's the small black dot in the middle.

It's strange getting running fit again. My legs don't get tired - it's all lungs. I get that aching "my lungs aren't big enough" feeling which I used to get when I first started fell running. I'm hoping my lungs catch up soon, so I can start giving my legs some hard work.

After yesterday's exertions, today, I did a slow recovery run. This was also intended to keep up my mileage a bit. I think it was about 6 miles. It follows most of a course that would be my best attempt at what would constitute a good fell race. It even has all the sensible bits, like facilities at the start, no major road crossings, doesn't share any ground with other fell races, etc. Here's the incongruous chimney (I think??) in the middle of the moors at the far point of the 'race'.