Friday, 14 June 2013

The 3-mile challenge

The company I work for has decided it's a good idea to encourage us all to lead an active lifestyle and build team spirit by having a sponsored walk. We've been asked to raise £30 each (target, not mandatory) towards Barnardo's.

The goal is to walk the circumference of the earth between us all combined, on one day - next Friday. And because there are about 8000 of us, we will need to walk 3 miles each. This should be very pleasant, as long as the weather's OK. However, I'm feeling a bit sheepish about asking people to sponsor me to walk 3 miles.

We've also been given pedometers to see how many steps we take in the days leading up to next Friday. This has caused some competitive nature at work. One of my colleagues has taken to walking to the more distant toilets, rather than the ones near his office.

I'd already planned to do a long run over this period, so it will be interesting to see how many steps it takes me to run the five trigs of Shutlingsloe, Shining Tor, Burbage Edge, Axe Edge and the Roaches.

Apparently, we are also allowed to include biking - with the pedometer in a sock or somewhere similar so it captures each turn of the pedal. So any excercise this week is not about time or placing, it's about number of steps. I'll try to provide updates on my Twitter feed.