Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I've been very lazy with updating my blog for the last month or so. And finally, my sister told me to update it.

The problem is, I've not done much recently that's blog-worthy. I've largely had a succession of bugs and colds. So I'll share a few photos instead.

Here's a nice picture of our dog Max, swimming in the river at Lathkill Dale. This is his "are you going to throw a stick?" face.

Also, we're very pleased to get the first courgettes from our plants in the garden. They're the yellow variety, and as you can see, are a good size.
Here's a close-up of my hands after cleaning out the range-style oil-burning cooker in our kitchen. It's like having old men's hands for about 3 days afterwards. Click on the picture to get the full effect - it looks best close up.
Here's a nice shot of a rock face at Ramshaw rocks.

And finally, here's the actual size of the first courgettes. They're meant to be small, but that's just silly.