Friday, 20 April 2012

Jura training camp

I had a few days working in Geneva and my hotel was just to the north, in France. So I took the opportunity to run up a very small bit of the Jura range one evening.
Here's my start point

Here are the hills I am aiming for. The town in the foreground is Thoiry. It's hard for me to judge how big these hills are.

The answer is "pretty big". I was running/walking uphill for about an hour before I got worried about the time and turned round. I think there was still a lot of uphill to go. Here's my high-point with some snow on the ground to make it feel even higher.

It had been quite a claggy day, but it cleared to give me a nice view. My hotel is down there somewhere.

For those of you who know the Jura, apparently I was part way up towards the summit of Le Reculet. I think it would have been too snowy to get there, as well as too dark by the time I reached it.

I've not explored around Geneva before. I was surprised by how accessible the Jura is from Geneva.

I'm hoping my small foray will prove to be the ideal training for Kinder Downfall race, this Sunday. Fingers crossed.