Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Victory at Wolf Spit

On Sunday it was Wolf's Pit fell race. I didn't have a hope in hell of winning anything. So I was very pleased when two of my talented team-mates told me on the starting line that we could be up for winning a team prize.

Their advice to me was "try to stay ahead of Dark Peak runners". The trouble was there are dozens of Dark Peak fell runners in races in the Hope Valley. Whenever I got ahead of one, another one (or sometimes two) would get ahead of me.

I finished 25th, which I was quite pleased with, having only done about 3 weeks of training after my winter break. Luckily my teammates finished in 3rd and 6th, so I got my moment of triumph and a very nice hat.

Mrs Noel, as always also did well - third lady and part of the winning ladies team.

I just need to put in some proper training now, so I can aim at top ten myself.