Saturday, 16 January 2010

The long road back to fitness

A few weeks ago the idea of doing a fell race seemed completely alien to me. However, yesterday the FRA yearbook (that shows the calendar of fell races for the year) was delivered. This always gives me a bit of a lift, as I plan which ones I'd like to do.

My first race back will probably be Cloud Nine. This is at the beginning of March, so I've about 6 weeks to get running fit again. So today was my first run of the year. To be fair it was more of a jog, although I can partly blame the snow for that. Here's a photo of Max nagivating one section of snowdrifts.

I plan to work up slowly, but hope to be at about 20-25 miles per week by early March. Fingers crossed I can keep up some sort of momentum now I have a training goal.