Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dry season

It's been amazingly dry for the last few weeks. Although there is still snow on the ground in places, the bits that have drained are as dry as they normally are in the summer months. One of the local farmers even took the chance to burn some gorse and bracken off his land (I assume that's why they do it - feel free to correct me if not).

Then today we finally had some rain. I took this opportunity to run to the summit of Axe Edge. This hill is long and pretty flat and is the source of about 5 rivers. So it's no surprise that it was very boggy. In fact many of the wetter patches had their own mallards! Here's the trig point at the summit.
The route was just under 11 miles, and will probably be a welcome addition to my set of routes once I work out the details a bit better. As it was it satisfied my need for longer slow runs, as it took me about 2 hours.

Tomorrow, I plan to cheer on the runners taking part in the Edale Skyline fell race. There are a few Fat Boys (the running club I am in) running it. I think the ascent of Lose Hill is probably the best place to watch it. Otherwise they go past too quickly. This way, I should have a chance to heckle and they'll be too tired to answer.


  1. Aah, didn't realise you were a Fat Boy...

  2. Yeah, most of the 'club' live in the Hope Valley. As I'm based in Cheshire, I'm evidence of their national appeal ;)

  3. Scotsman's Pack (That is Fat Boys 'HQ', right?) is a couple of miles up the road (or across the moor on the hoof) from me. I like their mentality. And they have some bloody good runners too!

  4. Yes, that't 'the office' as they call it. We describe ourselves as drinkers with a running problem. There are those in the 'club' who feel some of us are too keen on running and are letting down the drinking tradition!