Friday, 23 April 2010

Onion holder

That's right. It lets you chop an onion without getting onion juice on your hands. Here it is being demonstrated by my mum. For those who read my previous blog and doubted that there were more kitchen utensils than there are famous people, here is your evidence - onion holder!!!

I should probably add something about fell running too. It's Kinder Downfall this Sunday, so I'm hoping to finish in about 1 hour 17 minutes. That would be a new personal best for me, but it's very dry at the moment and that normally makes for fast times. Also, I seem to be going OK at the moment, so I should aim high.


  1. Well b*gger me. An onion holder?!

    Looking forward to KD, not going so well myself this week but we'll see. I think you might be gaining at least one place on the Forum race ladder!!

  2. Cheers Simon. Enjoy the race tomorrow. Come and say hello if you see me. It'd be good to put a face to a name.

  3. Doh! too late to enter the quiz

    I thought it could have been used to get beatles, small mammals and nesting birds out of fell runners beards.