Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shutlingsloe - trophy envy

Mrs Noel has been coveting my first local trophy for Shutlingsloe fell race for the last few years. This was made worse last year when she was second local, so would have been the first female winner of the trophy if I hadn't turned up.

This year I was keen to beat last year's time (of course) and retain the much coveted (mainly by Mrs Noel) Frank Hooley Memorial Trophy. Despite managing to fall twice during the race, I finished 4th in 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

Mrs Noel was 33rd overall and again was second local. She also did very well and finished as the first lady, so now has a trophy of her own. However, it was handed to her in two pieces, with a screw in the cup part where it had been badly bodged together (I'm making no comments about women and DIY here).

Despite this trophy being in two parts, Mrs Noel has wasted no time in telling me that her trophy is bigger than mine. My trophy envy will be increased after we've had it mended.

This is an artist's impression of how Mrs Noel would have looked if she were a bloke.


  1. That's very funny. We enjoyed Shuttlingsloe again this year. Allthough I was never in the running for any silverware, the home mad cakes and local beer were very good.

    Rather disapointed United didn't lift that cup, and others, this year.

  2. Cheers Lightning. Yeah, Shutlingsloe is a great race and a really nice fete. Fell race, cake, beer - it's got everything.