Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Glory at Hathersage

There have been two important races in the Noel household over the last few days. At the weekend it was Hathersage junior fun run. Mrs Noel competitively accompanied our eldest who was coached with advice about how to pace a race and when to attack, etc. I accompanied our youngest and we stopped at various points to look at ants and talk to the 'martians' (marshalls) who were showing us the way.

After then losing in the tug of war, we headed off home before the prize-giving to be in time for the kids' tea. However, we later found out that my eldest won the fantastically large Hathersage Gala Shield for first non-local. Here it is, dwarfing my first local's trophy from Shutlingsloe.

This trophy now has pride of place on our trophy cupboard-top, and Mrs Noel is already planning how to train up our eldest to improve on this year's time.

The second important race was of course Hathersage gala fell race on Monday night. I got lots of justified heckling from the Fat Boys for turning up in my Pennine vest. After being 8th at the summit, I finished in 10th. Although this was a place down on last year, this means I've done a better time each year for the last 4 years at this fell race. One of these years I'll manage to stay ahead of Jonny Wilson on the descent. I think for me to do this, I'll need to be ahead of him by about 2 minutes at the summit. That or find a bike for the road sections.


  1. Now that is a trophy! When my day finally comes to receive some small token of recognition, 118th local or whatever, THAT is what I would like to be carrying home. Well done Eldest Junior Noel.

    Sorry to miss Hathersage, been working on my ascending in the Lake District this week...I mean, enjoying a walking break with Helen. Ahem.

  2. Thanks Simon. Yes, it's massive isn't it. My eldest could only just carry it!

    The walking break sounds nice. It should all be good for your stamina.