Thursday, 22 July 2010

Shining Tor - hurray for short races

After the long slow torture that was Holme Moss, it was great to get back to some fast runnable stuff. Shining Tor is another one of those "this is one of my favourite races" races. It's got loads of hills but it's never too steep.

It was good to be back in the top 10% of the race field, and to yet again beat my time from the last time I ran this race (2 years ago).

I was also very pleased to have the new experience of being in a winning team. I guess this is more likely now I'm part of a proper club, and one that has good runners like Simon Coldrick in it. Simon was 3rd, and because us Pennine boys were also 14th, 18th and 19th, we had a higher average over our top 4 than anyone else. I'm currently sipping from a bottle of Stella that was my share of the multipack prize.

Mrs Noel was also first, ahead of her Pennine teammate, Lucy. They also won the lady's team prize along with Mary.

Bring on more short races. I love 'em.


  1. I think Pennine must be rubbing their hands with glee at this double free transfer from the Fat Boys. Well done to you both.

  2. proper club !!!! what are you suggesting ????

  3. Well done Noel.

    Hope you carry on blogging, now you are a superstar fell racer who wins prizes =)

    Cue waynes world "We are not worthy"

  4. Eyup, read this report on same race. Seems Mrs Noel gets a mention.
    Oh and remember the saying "be nice to the people on the way up cos you're sure to meet them on the way down". Has more meaning in fell running circles ;-)

  5. Hi All

    Sorry for not responding sooner - bad netiquette I know. I've been on holiday for a week and have only just got back.

    Simon - I think Pennine are more grateful for Mrs Noel. Although it was great to be part of a winning team.

    Dave - I'll always be a Fat Boy at heart.

    Steve - I'll have to continue blogging, as my sister tells me off if I don't - most of my blog 'hits' are my family.

    Lightning - thanks for that link. That's the second time Mrs Noel has had a mention on Lucy's blog. Hopefully it will spur Mrs Noel on to do some more hill training, for when Lucy's ankle gets better.

  6. Right im officialy following thou blog mate. Now that I know who you are. Welcome to Pennine.