Friday, 13 August 2010

An eventful race - Ricky's race

I've not done this one before but the usual suspects were talking me through the route before the event. It's fast and pretty short with no let-up.

I got a good start and was hoping to finish in the top 5. Stuart Bond set off like a steam train as always and behind him there were two runners who were well ahead of me. I also knew my old teammate Jonny was behind me and he always beats me on the final descent. So I was hoping for a top 5 finish.

The first 'event' was when I nipped through a narrow stile and managed to tear my quite new shorts down one side. They are bit baggier than my other shorts but I didn't think it would be an issue. Then in the final stages of the race, I jumped through another stile only to rip my shorts on the other side. They are obviously a poor design!!

I was pleased to stay ahead of Jonny until the final field when he nipped past me and beat me in a sprint finish to the line. I was very happy to finish 5th, but then was told that I'd actually finished 3rd. Apparently the two who were ahead of me had gone the wrong way.

This is the only time I've won a prize in a race that didn't relate to me being a local, (or there only being 12 in the race). So I'm very proud, even though it was due to someone getting lost.

Mrs Noel was first lady, again. And Daz from Pennine was first Vet40.


  1. Well done Noel, your'e just getting faster and faster. Despite your protestations I see that you are actually wearing a 'Skort', very fashionable with the lady road runners. Is that to go with the lady vest? ;-p

    Seriously, very well done to both of you again.

  2. Thanks Simon. Yes, cross-dressing seems to be developing into a theme on this blog. To be honest it's a more likely theme than me continuing to get top 3 finishes.

  3. probably still an improvement from your triathlon costume....

  4. What do you mean Dave? Those heels looked good ;)

  5. Aunt sends congrats to Noel and Mrs Noel - what about £100 !!