Saturday, 2 April 2011

What do tadpoles eat?

We're growing frogs in a washing up bowl. They've hatched from frogspawn and are developing nicely as tadpoles.
Wildlife pond!

We don't want to be bad parents, so we've been researching on the internet what they eat. Apparently you can buy tadpole food or fish food, but we're not that keen, so we were looking for another alternative. Some websites say they'll eat lettuce. We put a few small bits in with them and they completely ignored it.

Luckily, Mrs Noel found another website that says they like dog food (the dried stuff). And hey presto - they love it.

Yum yum. Thanks Noel.


  1. When we were kids we used to feed them bits of bacon. I thought they ate pretty much anything!


  2. Cheers 4 Winds - we'll have to try that. I also managed to find an oxygenating plant half way round one of my runs, so that's now in the bowl too. These are very pampered tadpoles.

  3. They will eat anything mate.
    I did this years ago , probably twenty . problem was I had dozens of frogs returning to our garden each year, The pond was full of them.
    Like the post

  4. Thanks Daz. We plan to return them to the pond where they came from once they get to the stage when they're ready to crawl out of the water. I'll be sad to see them go - I'm getting quite attached to them.