Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mountains and courgettes

We went to the French Alps for two weeks on holiday, which was great. I'm hoping the slight altitude will have worked as altitude training.

We've arrived back to find that our three courgette plants have run riot. So we're eating courgettes and marrows for the next week. Although I can't find anything on the internet on the training benefits of this, it should make for an interesting week as I exhaust my current repertoire of courgette recipes. Courgette cake anyone?


  1. Awesome top pic Noel. We have been looking after our neighbour's allotment whilst they have been away for a fortnight. They grow potatoes and courgettes and little else. I am SO SICK of courgettes now...although Courgette soup is rather nice!

  2. Courgette cake is excellent.
    Last year my parents made courgette/marrow and ginger jam if you fancy trying that. Didn't turn out too great imo but you never know...

  3. Thanks Simon. I made a nice courgette and stilton soup last year. I may have to revisit that. Courgette jam Ba-ba? I'm not too sure about that. I'm a big fan of jam making but can't imagine spreading that on my toast, somehow.

    Ricotta and herb stuffed courgettes tonight. Nice one Mrs Noel :)

  4. Slices of courgette fried, parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, possibly melted under the grill and eaten as a starter with a full-bodied red wine. Pure heaven, and pretty filling if you have a lot ;-)