Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fungus season

We went for a walk the other day and found lots of fungi in the fields. Here are a few of the better looking ones. I think we've got ink cap and puffball. We also had a look in a wildlife book and we think the one bottom-right might the nasty-sounding "sickener". I thought the little purple one was quite interesting. Feel free to add any names, or correct mine.


  1. I have just spent an enjoyable half an hour with my Collins complete British wildlife book, so here goes.
    1. Nothing I'm afraid a complete blank.
    2. A tough one, the nearest I could get was Blackish / Purple Russula. (Russula Atropurpurea)
    3.100% sure it's Panaeolus Sphinctrinus.
    4.100% sure it's a shaggy ink cap (Coprinus Comatus).
    5.100% sure it's Rose / Rosy Russula.
    6.Tricky one this. Possibly a field mushroom or failing that it could be a false death cap.Not sure.
    7.No idea.
    8.100% certain it's a Bright yellow Russula (Russula Claroflava).

  2. Hi Mark

    That's great - thanks. I've just been checking some pictures online. I think the rose will stick in my mind.


  3. Not always possible to identify fungi from photos, but from top left you appear to have: 1) a waxcap (Hygrocybe sp), typical of unimproved grassland; 2) Lycoperdon nigrescens, a puffball typical of acidic grassland; 3) probably Panaeolus papilionaceus, a dung species; 4) probably Coprinus comatus, also a dung-lover; 5) Hygrocybe coccinea, a waxcap; 6) too small to guess; 7) Laccaria amethystina - an ectomycorrhizal species, so trees nearby; 8) probably Laccaria laccata, ditto.

    Hope that's of help.

  4. Hi myconaut

    Wow - that's a very informed response. I'm impressed. And thanks. Yes, number 6 was growing near to tree roots. I seem to remember learning about ectomycorrhizae once a long time ago.

    I'm pleased I was right with puffball for number 2.