Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The joy of ants

The kids have got a glass-walled enclosure for keeping and observing ants. We were very excited a few weeks ago to receive our test tube of ants in the post. We released them into the enclosure and expected great things.

Here's a picture of the enclosure now.

Can't see any ants? Take a closer look at the bit of soil we were sent in the post.

You're right, there doesn't appear to be any ants at all.

To be honest the most we've ever seen is two at a time. On reading through the blurb, it confirms that the ants you get sent in the post are not the type that have a queen, so we'll never get any more ants than we have now.

I think we'll need to get another batch of ants.When we do, I'll put a picture on here.


  1. Thats brilliant!

    Sod waiting, get the new set of Ants in now!

  2. I think you're right Al. The first batch were obviously defective. Watch this space...