Sunday, 9 December 2012

Giant's Hole

Our good friend Neil offered to take us and the kids caving. We went to do the first bit of Giant's Hole, which is normally a relatively easy stroll.

It looks like this: least it does when it's dry. When we went down today that pebbly bit at the bottom of the photo was a river. This then ran down the passageway that we walked down and was very noisy and cold and wet.

We managed to get two children crying with cold and/or fear, so it wasn't the best introduction to caving for them. We've vowed to try again when it's warmer and less rainy.

Also... breaking news... we have some more ants. If you remember from one of my previous posts, we have an ant kit where you watch their tunnels through the glass. But after we bought a batch of ants and put them in, we ended up with only about 3 live ones that were very good at hiding. Well, we have some more and are looking forward to complicated underground tunnels.

Here's a pici. It's probably hard to make them out very well, but - take my word for it - the brown bits are ants. I think there are about 5 of them in this shot alone.
Subterranean metropolis - here we come.


  1. Fantastic to see you've got new ants, Noel!

    I dont know who’s more excited to see the tunnels taking shape – you or me?

  2. Thanks Al. I'll remember to post an update when they recreate the lighthouse at Alexandria in 2-D and sand. It can only be a matter of time...

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