Wednesday, 28 October 2009

First 'run' in about a month

I finally decided I should go for a gentle lunchtime run yesterday. It's been about a month since my last run, which was Scafell Pike Fell Race. Jogging for twenty minutes around a town and a nice park couldn't have been more different to my previous outing.

Having said that, it made all the difference to how I was feeling. My recent lack of running and the shorter days has been really getting to me. And although I can't count my gentle jog as any form of training, it sorted me out for the day.

I think Noel's training blog is going to become Noel's lunchtime jogs and occasional leisurely lunchtime swims. I'll have to work hard in the Spring to get my viewing figures back up to the heady heights of this summer ;)


  1. Stick with it Noel, it's hard to find the motivation when the nights draw in but its worth it come spring.

  2. exactly what Karl says Noel, motivation is really really hard in winter but it's the ideal time to get some excellent base training in.

  3. Cheers for the support guys. It's always a fine line for me during the autumn and winter. If I just keep going, I get too run down and have to stop altogether. Hopefully this year, I can strike the right balance and enjoy a winter of pleasurable runs.