Sunday, 1 November 2009

Driving rain - but fun

"...and now the weather. It'll be very wet and windy, especially in the morning around Wincle". Forewarned in forearmed, so I put on all my warm running kit (including my new Aldi leggings, which are great) and set off with the dog.

Max, the dog, is getting old, so is pretty stiff most of the time, and doesn't normally want to come running with me. However, when he gets too stiff, we give him some magic dog drugs, and he turns into a young dog again. He's just been dosed up so should have been raring to go. But he's not stupid and he could see it was horrible weather. He was doing his best to hide from me.

I eventually got him out of the house and ran to Danebridge via Hangingstone. It was great to be out running as long as I kept going. I think it was about 6 miles and about 1000 feet. The long bath when I got home felt like heaven, and to quote that Blur song [add cockney accent] "then I'm happy for the rest of the day".


  1. That Blur song.......Parklife ;-)

    One of my favourite on the blog from seeing them at Hyde park last year!!

  2. I've just checked out your Blur blog entry. Sounds great - I'm also a fan. I should make more of an effort, I've not been to a proper gig since the kids have been around, which is 5 years!