Sunday, 2 May 2010

Crowden Horseshoe - am I suddenly really good?

Races that fall the day after an English Championship counter are great. Not only are they slightly less busy, but the people who generally don't turn up are the top 20% of people in any age category.

Today's race had about 180 starters (I think), and for about 400 metres I was leading the field! This was again due to my normal fast start, but it's not like I was flat-out sprinting. By the summit I was fourth and eventually finished fifth after a bout of exchanging places with the guy who then finished 6th. Here's me trying to maintain my lead on the final descent.

So, have I suddenly become a great runner who can finish 5th in a relatively high-profile fell race? I was pondering this, so checked what my place would have been if I had run this time a few years ago (when there wasn't a championship counter the day before). And the answer is... I would have been about 55th.

I should either start training a lot more, or stop putting these good results into context.


  1. Bloody well pack that in you!! You're not taking my 2nd place lady away and making me anything less than super with those ideas matey!!! :-)

  2. oh and well done!!! :-)

  3. Well done!
    thats one to tell the grandchildren.
    Got to be in it to win it and any other cliches you can think of.

  4. Emma, I was only referring to the mens field of course. The lady's field must have been very competitive - otherwise you would have been first.

    Sbrt - thanks. Yes, my only regret was that Mrs Noel didn't take a picture of me when I was in first place coming out of the starting field.