Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bollington - Where's Wally

It's common knowledge that you should do a reccie of the course before you race it - especially if you live near the course. This means you can pick the best lines and you know where the hills are. It also means you don't get lost.

I didn't reccie this course (despite living pretty close) and I made the mistake of assuming the four runners in front of me knew where they were going. Unfortunately, three of them were making a similar assumption and the one at the front was a bit uncertain. Anyway, it was a lovely detour and made the race slightly more challenging. We got back on to the right course after a while, but found we were joining the group of runners that we had left behind.

In the end I think I finished about 8th. Those who beat me included: the four who were ahead of me when we went wrong, Simon Bailey - who didn't go wrong and was too far ahead of everyone for us to follow him - and a few people that I couldn't catch after our extra loop.

Using similar statistics to those being applied by our politicians to describe their party's performance in the election: if I assume our detour was about 3 miles, I would probably have won had I not gone wrong. I told Simon Bailey this at the end, and got a laugh.


  1. Very selfless of you to let the slower runners catch up.

  2. indeed!

    well done Noel :-)

  3. Yes, it was just a shame I wasn't a bit further back when those in front of me went wrong. I've benefited from situations like that in the past - so I can't complain.

    Thanks Emma. I hope your training is still going well.

  4. Damn that Simon Bailey! How much longer is he going to sponge off everyone else's navigational mistakes?! Freeloader.

  5. Yes, if it weren't for his navigational common sense, his fell running ability and his dedication to training, I might have been quite close to him ;)