Thursday, 13 May 2010

Rainow fell race - fast and hard

I don't normally target races that don't have loads of ascent in them, but this one is a local race and I've not done it before so I gave it a go. It covered a lot of the same ground as Sunday's race - Bollington - except in the opposite direction.

I managed not to get lost this time, and was pleased to finish 10th in 35 minutes 37 seconds. I think it's also the first time I've ever beaten Olivia Walwyn who is currently leading the ladies English fell running championships.

I'm slightly drained today and certainly needed my recovery run. I now need to focus again for the third race in 7 days: Mount Famine on Saturday. That's a proper fell race with lots of ascent. If we don't get any more rain before then I might run it in road shoes. Everything is the dryest I've seen it in about 4 years of living where I do.

Mrs Noel News:
Mrs Noel was third lady and 2nd lady vet-40 at Burbage Skyline on Tuesday night. She's waiting for the results, but should have taken loads of time off her previous best for this race. Last time she ran it was about 3 years ago and she was 11th lady.


  1. Great run Noel, although three races in seven days is a bit hardcore! I need to sort out my recoveries, Burbage was a nightmare for me after the Trunce the day before.

    Have since deduced post-Burbage that I spent most of the race 'battling' it out with Steph. She was beating me for ages but I just sneaked in front about half a mile before the end. Just.

  2. Thanks Simon. Three in 7 days is not as hardcore as two in 2 days. I'm useless without a chance to get a recovery run in.

    Mrs Noel is doing well to be up with you. I won't tell her you raced the night before.

  3. Hello Noel - I was about 30 places behind you wearing the bright yellow shoes you sold me on the same day last year :)

  4. Hey Steve. I'd completely forgotten about those shoes until now. I'm glad they're still going strong. I hope your time compares well with last year's when the shoes were new.

  5. Now they're broken in, they were good for a mighty 6 seconds. Tediously consistent :)