Monday, 3 August 2009

Fartlek (4 minutes on-off, on-off)

After the lack of proper training at the weekend I was keen to get in a good session. Today's session was a repeat of 4 minutes at "short race" pace then 4 minutes at "all day" pace. I felt pretty good on the race pace sections, so I'm letting my expectations of Cracken Edge raise slightly. It's also a counter in my club championships (my club is the Fat Boys) and I'm still in the running [drum-cymbal] for a chance to win the medium championship (for those non-fell runners, medium fell races are between 6 and 12 miles long).
You can see from the trace where the race-pace 4 minutes were - heart rate is the red squiggle. Ignore the bit at the beginning, where it looks like I'm running flat out without a warm-up. My Garmin sometimes does this, but then as I get more sweaty, the heart rate monitor works better and stops telling me I'm about to pass out when I know I'm not.

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