Monday, 31 August 2009

First climb in years

Bank holiday (part 2)

After the long ride on Saturday, I ran up to the Roaches, where a few friends had gone climbing. I managed to find them and did my first climb in about 4 years. 'Lazarus Crack' it was called, and it was a hard severe. For those who don't know the climbing grading system, this isn't particularly hard, despite the name. I didn't lead it of course, but it still felt slightly strange to be on a rock face again. I think I've climbed it years ago, when I used to be quite into rock climbing.

Carol took a picture of me - I realise my blog needs more pictures. My calves have certainly got bigger since the days when I used to climb a lot and do no fell running. Then I ran back (about 7 miles in total) and cycled to the local ice-cream farm (2 miles), to meet the family. I don't think I can count 2 miles, mainly freewheeling as training.

Today, I persuaded another of our visitors to sample a tour of the local steepest hills. The first one is the old road from Gradbach up to Flash, which is hard work on my high-geared bike. The second is up from Meerbrook to Roach End. I've just checked on the map and they only get 1 arrow to show there's a steep bit. Interestingly, some of the other local 2 arrow bits don't seem as hard for me. I'll have to investigate this arrow business some more.

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