Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jam (part 1)

I've got a slightly sore calf today. I think it's something that I can run off when I next get out. So I decided not to do Eyam fell race tonight. Also it starts at 6:30, so I can only just make it, and it doesn't make for an enjoyable night's fell racing - dashing across the peak. I missed it by 2 minutes a few years ago. I was just getting out of the car when the whole field set off before I could even register.

So today, to fit with the 'random other stuff', I'm making jam. Plum, pear, apple and ginger. It's called High Dumpsie Dearie, for some unknown reason, in the WI book of unusual preserves that we have. I think since that booklet was first published (our copy was originally sold for 2 shillings!), it has now made it into the full WI jam book. I'm quite a fan of it.
I make it in the microwave these days, in small batches. It means I can mix a huge pot (see picture) without the fear that it will all boil over. Also, this way it never sticks to the bottom of the pan.
However, we also had the second half of a film to watch. 'I loved you so long', a French drama, is 'an intelligent, observant drama about dislocation, fragility and the inner pain of unshakeable memories' according to Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian. We thought it was erm... how should I put it... good but quite sad. I can see why he's a film critic and I'm not.
Getting back to Jam. I didn't have enough time to make the many batches of microwave jam that would have been required. So that will be tomorrow night's activity as well. I can see the hits to my blog breaking triple figures. So much jam-related promise.

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