Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Jam (part 2)

It's raining tonight, so I'm happy to finish off the jam from yesterday. I've added loads of ginger to distinguish this batch from the previous batch made last week. I hope this lot should keep us in jam for the winter and allow the odd one to be given away.
In more interesting news. I've entered the Scafell Pike fell race. It's in about 3 weeks' time. I've been curious about this race for a while, as I like the idea of doing good hard Lakes races but don't like doing races longer than about 10 miles. So this race sounds ideal. It's very steep: 3000 feet, and it's not very long: 4.5 miles. I'm somehow masochistically curious as to what that immense height gain in such a short distance feels like.
I notice however that the ladies record time (which I normally use as a rough estimate of my time) is about 1 hour. I have also been told by a fell running friend that it's all on nasty scree-ey terrain, which I have little experience with from running mainly in the Peak District.
To jump topics again, it's only 4 sleeps to go until my longest ever bike ride - 145km. I like saying it in kilometres as it sounds more than 90 miles. There's something about doing more than 100 of anything that seems to add value.


  1. Jam sounds good Noel, good luck on the bike ride and the Scafell race, take it easy on that scree.

  2. Cheers Donkarlo. I'm looking forward to focusing on hill reps and more hill reps once I've done this bike ride.