Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cycling plus 1 again

After our trip down the Manifold Valley a few weeks ago, I was keen to up the mileage when we hired bikes (plus tag-alongs) in the Forest of Dean. We hired them from PedalBikeAway: and they seemed pretty good for our needs. I think we did about 20 miles, including some hills. Mrs Noel was pretty broken by the end so it must have had some training value.

I should have worn my Garmin if only to see how easy it is to get lost in on Forestry tracks. Mrs Noel at one point wouldn't let me have the last bite of my sandwich in case we were "lost in a forest, miles from the nearest road." Luckily, we also had a large chocolate bar, so didn't have to start hunting the wild boar! ...and we found where we were after another 300 yards.

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