Thursday, 20 August 2009

Running - do you remember how legs?

It seems like an age since I went out for a training run. But it's Burnsall Classic at the weekend, and although I'm mainly focused on cycling training at the moment, Burnsall Classic comes but once a year. It's also a classic. I wonder how many years of being just a race Burnsall had to get under its belt before it could justifiably call itself a classic. Surely Lantern Pike could now be called Lantern Pike Classic, as that's been going for more than 30 years (I think).

Anyway, back to the reason I post things on this blog. Unless it falls under the category of 'random other stuff', it's about training. I did 4.2 miles and 1000 feet of ascent. There were two people out walking with a spaniel, which was doing that very pleasing heather bounding. I wasn't very focused but it was good to remind my body that I'm mainly a runner.

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